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A new start.

Life is hard. Things fall apart and we can often feel helpless trying to put the pieces back together. We're here to walk with you through whatever season you're in. Whether you're looking for grief counseling, struggling with depression or anxiety, or you want to talk with someone about what it means to follow Jesus, we have resources for you!


“More than anything, I wanted my life to matter …” When Shane Stanford discovered he was HIV positive at 19 years old, he knew he had a choice: he could feel sorry for himself, or he could live as faithfully and boldly as possible.

A Positive Life

Our most important battles are not always with the 'giants out there'—those external challenges which we all face. The greatest battles are often within ourselves. Too often, we diminish our own potential in ministry, business, and in life.

Five Stones

What happens when the storm does not pass? When the pain does not stop? When the prodigal does not return? In six very special encounters recorded in the Gospels, Jesus addressed the too much and the too late scenarios of our lives. 

When God Disappears

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